Update on future models of care

NHS England is currently piloting new models of care and approaches to personal commissioning as part of the Five Year Forward View, their new strategy for the next five years.  The RCSLT thinks that speech and language therapists should be at the heart of these new plans and can play a crucial role in delivering integrated services that support patient needs.  

The pilot sites include:

29 Vanguard Sites that will develop new models of care, with the aim of transforming how care is delivered locally (outlined in the Five Year Forward View)

8 Integrated Personal Commissioning demonstrator sites: areas where complex need services users will gain choice and control of their own integrated health and social care budgets.

The RCSLT’s Policy and Public Affairs team would really like your help. Please look at the sites in your region and let us know.

If your service is involved? Are any other SLT services in your area involved? See below for some steps that you could take to get involved in your local model.


How to get involved

Once you have discovered the pilot in your area

1. Identify the key contacts in your organisation / partner organisation who may know about the project. It’s recommended you:

  • Ask your communications team. Some communications teams have already issued press releases on the pilot projects and are good people to follow up with.
  • Check with your Director / Head of Service
  • If all else fails, Google it.

2. Once you have the named contact, do some research on your pilot, information is power.

  • Look at your CCG website
  • Look on your Trust website

Re-read the information on the RCSLT website

3. Develop a short briefing to explain the rationale on why your SLT team should be involved.  You will use this when you meet the pilot site project lead to discuss what your SLT service can contribute to this new pilot. As part of your paper draw out the key themes, for example how your service:

  • Keep people out of hospital
  • Provide integrated out-of-hospital care and services
  • Help older people to live well at home / in a care home
  • Support health, wellbeing and independence

4. Arrange to meet the pilot site project lead. Use your briefing to help you explain how SLTs could contribute and help deliver better integrated care. 

5. Report back to RCSLT

Any comments on the vanguard sites should be sent to rebecca.veazey@rcslt.org, while comments on the IPC sites should be sent to claire.moser@rcslt.org.

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