Calling SLTs to apply to become Registered Intermediaries

Helping those without a voice give their evidence

The Ministry of Justice is aiming to recruit up to 30 speech and language therapists to become Registered Intermediaries in East Midlands through a campaign starting now. 

Applications are particularly welcome from those with skills in communicating with:

·         Young children up to 11 years.

·         Adults with mild-moderate learning disabilities.

·         Adults with mental health issues.

What are Registered Intermediaries?

Registered Intermediaries (RIs) are used in criminal proceedings to assist vulnerable witnesses communicate their evidence to the police and in court. They ensure that witnesses can understand questions and communicate their answers.  A Registered Intermediary will often be the difference between a witness being able to testify or not.

Who do they work with?

A witness might need the help of a Registered Intermediary because of their age (under 18), or due to a learning, mental or physical disability or disorder.

Who can be a Registered Intermediary?

Registered Intermediaries come from a wide background of professional occupations, including speech and language therapy, social work and mental health professions.  They bring the skills and experience gained in these roles to their work as Registered Intermediaries. 

How do I become a Registered Intermediary?

To become a Registered Intermediary an applicant must demonstrate that they have the competencies required of the role and undertake a training course designed to equip them to operate effectively within the criminal justice system.  The competencies include skills in assessing and supporting communication, establishing rapport and showing confidence and resilience in supporting others.  These competencies are assessed through case-study analysis at sift and at interview by an expert panel.

Who can apply?

The Ministry of Justice has established a national database of Registered Intermediaries, the Intermediary Register. The Register is currently held on behalf of the Ministry of Justice by the National Crime Agency (NCA).  The NCA will try to match the request to Registered Intermediaries in the right area and with the right skills. 

If you have the competencies required and are based in the East Midlands you are encouraged to apply.  This region has been prioritised because there is a lack of Registered Intermediaries in these areas.  If you are not in these geographic areas, you can apply for a Registered Intermediary role when the Ministry of Justice recruits in other areas of England and Wales later in 2018.  

The deadline for applications is 02 January 2018 

Please download the job description and person specification (attached)

Please find the job description and how to apply on the website.

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