Calling all SLTS to apply to become a Registered Intermediary in Wales

Job description

Registered Intermediaries (RIs) are used in criminal proceedings to assist vulnerable witnesses communicate their evidence to the police and in court. A witness might need the help of an RI because of their age, or a learning, mental or physical disability or disorder. The work can be challenging but immensely rewarding, and an RI can often be the difference between a witness being able to give their best evidence or not.

The Ministry of Justice is looking to recruit RIs to their Registered Intermediary Scheme to provide support in Wales.

After successful completion of training and assessment, you will be self-employed and your details added to a database. Cases will be offered to you from the police and Crown Prosecution Service based on the communication requirements of the witness and you will be required to commit to a minimum of 24 days a year to the role.


Professional qualifications and/or working experience in relation to communicating with the following groups:

• Young children up to 11 years
• Adults with mild-moderate learning disabilities
• Adults with mental health issues
• Deaf adults and/or children

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