Public health and communication needs - can the UK afford not to listen?

23rd February 2018



The webinar will be chaired by Derek Munn, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, and presenters: 

  • Viki Baker, Director for Learning Disability and Neurobehavioural Services, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Janet Cooper, Early Language and Communication Strategy Lead, City of Stoke-on-Trent
  • Berenice Napier, Policy Adviser, RCSLT

They will be discussing the speech and language therapy role in public health, why it matters and how you can get involved. 

By attending this webinar, delegates will: 

  • Be confident about the SLT contribution on public health and how to express it
  • Ensure that we are all using the same language in this area and are clear about what it means
  • Hear practical examples of different intervention types – facilitative and preventative – and gathering the evidence from these
  • Know where to find resources, either from RCSLT or locally, and how to use these to lobby and contribute

Participants have the opportunity to submit questions on this topic to our speakers before and during the webinar. Register for your place and submit a question here.

Please note places are limited. Unfortunately webinar content currently can't be viewed on mobile devices.

Please refer to the RCSLT’s webinar guide for delegates for more information on participating in a webinar, and technical requirements. 

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