RCSLT webinars

The RCSLT will be holding a series of webinars in 2016, covering a range of topics affecting the speech and language therapy profession.

What is a webinar?

Webinars are interactive web-based presentations, lectures or seminars. They can include video, audio, photos, presentations and allow an audience to attend from remote locations. Webinars are interactive and allow users to submit questions and comments before or during the presentation. 

How to join in 

Before the webinar:

  • Register for a future event: follow the links on the listed forthcoming webinars.
  • Once you have registered: please hold the date for the webinar.

On the day of the webinar:

  • Start time: You will be able to join the event 10 minutes before the webinar start time.
  • Sound: ensure you have headphones or speakers connected to your computer in order to hear.
  • Chat: You have to type your message using the keyboard in order to join the chat.
  • Send a question to the panel: use the Q&A button.

  • This is not a teleconference and you will not be able to join by telephone.
  • For more information download the webinar guide for participants.

Upcoming webinars


Previous webinars

  • Students: An essential part of your workforce, 18 Jan 2017.


Watch, read and download transcripts, powerpoint presentations and videos for previous webinars from 2012 - 2014 

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