Corporate requests for RCSLT logo use

All corporate requests for the use of the RCSLT logo must follow a quality-assurance process.

For more details, or to request an application pack, please contact us.

Member requests for RCSLT member logo use

The RCSLT member logo is approved by the Board of Trustees and is to be used by members on individual members’ websites, literature and business cards (particularly from those in the independent sector). The use of this logo will help members to achieve a greater visual impact, as well as using their post-nominals.

The use of this logo does not imply RCSLT endorsement of any products or services offered by that member. It is the member’s responsibility to make this clear to any third party with whom they may have dealings. Whilst it would be impractical to insist on a disclaimer notice to appear on a business card or letter-head, the following disclaimer should be written into any business proposal or larger advertisement.

“The appearance of the RCSLT member logo on this webpage/in this document for promotional purposes only and does not constitute RCSLT endorsement of the product of services being offered”.

Use of the logo should also cease if a member ceases to be a member of RCSLT. By downloading the RCSLT member logo you accept the terms of the user licence and the guidance as set out in the ‘Policy and Guidance on use of RCSLT Logo’s’ document.”

Download the Giving Voice logo