RCSLT Strategic Plan

The RCSLT Strategic Plan is a road map which sets out where we are as a profession and where we want to be by 2021.

The RCSLT current strategic plan runs from 2018-21. It breaks into three main areas: the mission, the purpose and the focus areas for how we achieve the mission and vision.

Enabling better lives for people with communication and swallowing needs.

We are the professional body that promotes excellence in speech and language therapy.

Focus areas

  • Quality practice
  • Innovative organisation
  • Active influencing

Here are the focus areas in detail:


Research and Innovation

Shape research capacity, capability and culture within the profession

Promote the funding of key areas of SLT research

Promote understanding and use of and evidence-based approach to practice

Workforce and leadership

Become an intelligence resource regarding workforce trends .

Pre-registration and post-registration training is responsive to the changing environment

Support members throughout their careers to develop their leadership, knowledge, evidence based practice and skills.

Professional guidance

Support members to develop, critically evaluate, promote and improve their services, including through recording outcomes.

Understand the implications of new technology and supporting members to use it

Service users

Continue to co-produce with and advocate alongside service users and their representative organisations


Leadership within

Ensure that the governance and finances of the RCSLT are sound and in accordance with the law and best practice

RCSLT is a diverse and progressive employer

Member led

Enhance our communication, engagement and support to members, including resilience


Work with members to develop digital services and functionality that meet their needs and supports member engagement


Creating profile and opportunity

Be proactive in raising our profile across all mediums

Influence at a regional, national and international level

Developing evidence based policy and resources

Gather evidence, engage service users and develop resources to underpin our influencing

Respond effectively to policy developments across Governments