Coming to work in the UK

Speech and language therapists (SLTs) who qualified outside the UK may be able to apply for RCSLT membership as overseas qualified practitioners (OQP).

SLTs from Ireland, USA, New Zealand, Australia or Canada

You can apply to become a member of the RCSLT if you are a member of a professional association within the Mutual Recognition of Credentials Agreement (MRA).

SLTs who are not members of an MRA professional association

You may still be able to join the RCSLT, subject to additional checks.

Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Registration with the HCPC is a legal obligation if you want to work as an SLT in the UK.

You must be registered with the HCPC before you apply for membership of the RCSLT.

RCSLT application process for overseas qualified SLTs

To become a full practising member of the RCSLT (CertMRCSLT), you will need to:

  • Provide your HCPC registration details (number and date of registration).
  • Provide a letter of good standing from your professional association if it is in the MRA.

RCSLT member application form (MRA)

RCSLT member application form (non-MRA)

  • Overseas qualified SLTs from countries not within the MRA must be registered with the HCPC and have met certain minimum threshold standards before you can apply for RCSLT membership.
  • Upon application, you will be required to complete a period of supervised practice and any additional training as a ‘transitional member’ within 12 months. For more details see the OQP competency framework:

Annual subscription

As a practising member in the UK, you will pay an annual subscription for membership. We will not take any money from you if your membership application is unsuccessful.

Further enquiries

If you would like more information about applying for membership, please contact the membership team.

If you have further queries regarding the MRA process, please contact our Enquiries Coordinator or on 020 7378 3012/3038.