We are developing a new type of content which we're calling these resources Learning journeys.

What are Learning Journeys?

  • Learning journeys are carefully curated lists of content on speech and language therapy subjects across all clinical and professional areas in which SLTs work.
  • They are online lists of links to content which guide a person through a sequence of learning in a structured way - You could think of them like a playlist of recommended learning materials which members are free to follow.
  • They are designed to develop a learner’s understanding of a particular subject.
  • They can be made up of different types of content including videos, journal articles, web pages, online conversations, Twitter discussions, live chat, blog posts, elearning, events, webinars.

Try our new Learning Journeys!

We have developed two learning journeys as a pilot project:

eHealth learning journey: Designed to help SLTs learn about eHealth (telepractice, apps, social media and the information governance around these). (Launched December 2017)

The Box learning journey: To assist professionals working in the Criminal Justice System to be aware of SLCN needs and how to support people they suspect have SLCN. (Launched June 2018)

You can take both learning journeys here:

If you do take one of these learning journeys please do let us know what you think, either by completing the short questionnaire at the end or by emailing us at All of your comments are very valuable, as they will feed into our evaluation of the pilot.

Leadership and local influencing – We need your help!

We are now kicking off development of a new learning journey – on the theme of Leadership and local influencing - which is aimed at helping members to develop skills in those areas.

We are therefore looking for members across the UK to fulfil the following roles:

  • learning author (please note: separate authors for ‘leadership’ and ‘influencing’)
  • supporting authors; and
  • peer reviewers

To get involved please visit the Leadership and local influencing learning journey page 

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