What are our election asks?

The RCSLT has three main asks that we want the next Scottish Government and Parliament to commit to, in order to improve the lives of our service users:

  1. Make communication with public services as accessible as possible for everyone by passing and funding an ‘Inclusive Communication Nation’ law and action plan.
  2. Establish a ‘Right to rehabilitation so that everyone with a long-term condition gets the highest quality rehabilitation, when and where it works best for them.
  3. Implement a ‘Great communication with and for every child’ strategy to ensure every child and young person develops the best speech, language and communication skills they can for a happy and successful life.

What can I do?

Use the Organic Campaigns tool to directly contact your local candidates – all you need to do is enter your postcode.

Tweet at your local candidates and the major parties letting them know how important speech, language, communication and swallowing services are to the community.

If you like, you can download and use one of our Twitter graphics:

Download the flyers outlining our asks and share them with your networks:

RCSLT Scottish Election Update, 29 April 2021

Encouraging signs for the next Parliament – our asks are in manifestos

  • 4 manifestos make a commitment on right to rehabilitation (SNP, Scottish Labour, Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Conservatives)
  • 4 manifestos make a commitment on inclusive communication (SNP, Scottish Labour, Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Greens)
  • While no party specifically makes a commitment on children and young people’s speech, language and communication all 5 main party manifestos make commitments on the poverty related attainment gap and additional support needs.

Full-party manifestos can be downloaded from their websites.

SLT asks on candidates’ radars

  • 12 members have used RCSLT tools to quickly send 464 emails to 204 local MSP candidates
  • We know of 2 candidates so far who have pledged to support our asks if they get elected
  • There have been 3 retweets of our asks.
  • Please, please help make these numbers bigger using the ready-made tools.

Worried about getting involved in political influencing?

We are aware some members are nervous about taking part in “political” activity. Here are a few points we hope will reassure members that it’s okay to join in.

  • As an SLT you are likely to have a passion for creating better lives for people living with communication disadvantage and eating, swallowing and drinking difficulties. As a voter and private citizen, anyone can contact their candidates, MSPs or Councillors about things that are important to them. Freedom of expression is a human right that is unaffected by your employment situation.
  • Reasonably NHS Boards or government will not want you to use your work email or Twitter account to do anything that could be construed as political influencing. We advise RCSLT members to use their personal email and Twitter accounts to contact their local candidates.
  • The tools provided enable you to reach all party candidates at the same time so nothing you do could be considered partisan.
  • The email tool allows you to edit the template letter as you wish. There is no expectation or requirement for you to say where you work or for whom.
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