This section is for you if you are currently studying to be a Speech and Language Therapist.

Here you can find information about starting your career, guidance on disability issues, support and resources available from the RCSLT and find out how you can get involved.

Please note that some of the below resources are only available to RCSLT members

In this section you will find:

  • Starting a career
  • Guide for students and new graduates
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • RCSLT membership and insurance
  • Financial advice
  • Guidance on disability issues
  • Resources for SLT students
  • Student FAQs
  • Curriculum guidance
  • CPD Diary and setting goals
  • RCSLT student roadshows
  • Video interviews with SLTs
  • Giving Voice
  • Other resources

Starting a career

Information for prospective students which includes information on RCSLT membership and insurance.

Guide for students and new graduates

You may find this PDF guide for students and new graduates useful.

Volunteer opportunities

The following organisations may be able to provide information on relevant opportunities for SLT students seeking voluntary work:

You could also ask whether your university runs a community volunteer scheme for students.

Financial advice

Find financial advice for students and prospective students.

RCSLT membership and insurance

Find out more about the insurance included in your membership.

Guidance on disability issues

The speech and language therapy workforce welcomes individuals from all sections of society to study to join the profession.

These Guidelines on disability issues aim to demonstrate an enabling approach for people with disabilities and intend to reflect the journey a disabled student may undertake, from the initial application, to being accepted on the course and through to completion of the course.

Resources for SLT students

SLT student members are able to access all of the member resources, however you may find it particularly useful to look at the following:

Learning resources

Student FAQs

Find the answers to frequently asked questions by prospective students.

Curriculum guidance

The RCSLT Curriculum guidance is used by education providers when developing pre-registration speech and language therapy courses. The guidance uses the RCSLT Core capabilities to provide guidance and support to education providers.

By completing a pre-registration course in speech and language therapy, the RCSLT envisages that all future new graduate SLTs will possess not only the distinctive skill set required to transform the lives of individuals with speech, language, communication and swallowing difficulties, but also the capability to continue to develop transferable skills to lead change, evaluate, improve and evidence the impact of their contribution.

As a graduate SLT, you must be able to recognise and articulate the role that speech, language, communication and swallowing difficulties play in and the ways in which SLTs can work for the benefit of individuals, communities and populations in emerging-practice areas.

The pre-registration course should also facilitate the development and attainment of:

  • a level of academic and clinical capability on completion of an approved qualification that is fit for professional practice
  • the capacity to continue to develop personal and professional skills within the community of SLT practitioners and the broader community of health, education and social care practitioners.

For more information, please see the full RCSLT Curriculum guidance.

CPD diary and setting goals

Students are encouraged to use the online CPD diary, although this is not mandatory.

It may be a useful reflection tool for your clinical placements.

Once you graduate you will need to use the CPD diary to complete the NQP framework so it is useful to familiarise yourself with the platform and start recording CPD activities as soon as you can.

As a student you can use the CPD diary to:

  • Create your own CPD goals, referring to:
    • RCSLT Core capabilities
    • RCSLT Curriculum guidance
  • Choose an NQP Goal to begin working towards
  • Simply record your CPD activities and reflections

For more information see Using your CPD Diary.

RCSLT student roadshows

The RCSLT is keen to engage with all SLT students from an early stage, you are the SLTs of tomorrow and we are there to support you in your studies and throughout your career.

We offer each university a visit from RCSLT officers who will talk to students at both the start and end of their course. These visits provide information on the support and guidance that RCSLT can give, the benefits of RCSLT membership, and advice and guidance for you after you have graduated.

You can follow this on Twitter with the hashtag #RCSLTUniTour.

Video interviews with SLTs

Find out what previous students had to say about finding a job and transitioning from student to newly-qualified practitioners:








Giving Voice

Since the Giving Voice Campaign began, student speech and language therapists have led the way to show the vital work that speech and language therapists do. Visit the Giving Voice section to see their achievements and how you can get involved in the campaign.