About this webinar

RCSLT webinar 3: COVID-19: Laryngectomy

Friday 15 May, 1pm – 2pm

This free webinar was chaired by Judith Broll, RCSLT Director of Professional Development, and featured presentations by:

  • Mary Lee, Consultant Clinical Lead SLT (Head and Neck)
  • Katherine Behenna, Clinical Lead SLT (Head and Neck)
  • Dr Margaret Coffey, Clinical Service Lead, SLT (Head and Neck/ENT)

Transcript and Q&A to follow

Learning aims

By attending this webinar, delegates will learn about:

  • How inpatient and outpatient laryngectomy services are being adapted in response to COVID-19
  • The use of personal protective equipment in laryngectomy services
  • Using telehealth to support laryngectomy patients
  • Managing patients’ anxiety during the crisis
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