What are cookies?

Cookies are small files sent to and stored on any device used to access the internet that allow websites to recognise the device. There are three main reasons websites use cookies: 

  • To improve site performance and security.
  • To store user preferences and distinguish between users.
  • To allow users to carry out certain tasks, such as making a purchase from a shopping cart.

There are two main classes of cookies: 

  • Persistent or permanent cookies that stay on a device after a session is finished. Persistent cookies are often used to store preferences so the same information doesn’t have to be used each time you visit a site.
  • Session or temporary cookies that are deleted when the user closes their browser or logs off a site. They are typically used for managing security and ensuring the content on each page loads quickly and efficiently.

Depending on their purpose, cookies may or may not collect personally identifiable information about the user.

How does the RCSLT use cookies?

The RCSLT uses session cookies for security, load-balancing and loading to ensure our site functions correctly and performs well. Our session cookies do not collect any personal information about the user and their device.

The RCSLT also uses session cookies in our member-only area to provide encrypted authentication information and to manage features such as the shopping cart. This information is deleted at the end of the session and usernames and passwords are not stored.

At this time, the RCSLT does not use Google Analytics to collect information. 

You can disallow the use of cookies via your browser settings. Here are links to information regarding the most popular browsers:

To disable cookies in the safari browser, go to preferences and choose 'block cookies' in the privacy pane.

If you use a different browser, please refer to the browser developer's website. 

Third Party Cookies


The RCSLT video content is displayed via Google's YouTube service ( Playing videos will result in YouTube setting cookies for the purposes of their own video streaming analytics, and the RCLST has no control over this.

You can find out how to remove YouTube cookies at, but please note, YouTube videos may not work as intended if you remove or block these.


The RCSLT Member's area (the bit of our website you log into) is powered using Salesforce ( and as a result, various Salesforce or cookies are set for the purposes of managing login, sessions, and the activities you perform when you are logged in and the RCSLT has no control over this.

You can find out how to remove Salesforce or cookies at, but please note, you may find the RCSLT Member's area doesn't work as intended if you remove or block them.

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