Scotland policy

Scotland policy

RCSLT Scotland

Working in partnership with members across Scotland, we aim to maximise representation and promote the profession at every level.

We lead campaigns and influence policy and legislation, building relationships with MSPs, Scottish Government ministers and civil servants.

We support SLTs to advocate for their services locally, providing strategic advice and practical resources.

Our work is led by feedback and input from members.


Key priorities

In consultation with RCSLT members across Scotland, we have set the following priorities for 2022/23:

Graphic depicting 5 Priorities for RCSLT Scotland. Supply of SLTs: Increase supply and numbers of SLTs in Scotland Leadership: Support and develop current and future SLT leaders Wellbeing and Engagement of members: Support the wellbeing of members National Care Services: Influence the design and delivery of the national care service Children and Young People (C& YP) National Delivery Plan: Support, influence and co-produce a national delivery plan for Children and Young people with communication needs


Head of RCSLT Scotland, Glenn Carter, talks through these priorities:




VoiceBox Awards 2024 is a national joke telling competition for primary school children developed by the RCSLT, designed to raise awareness of the fun and importance of communication. This year’s competition is kindly supported by Collins Big Cat. It will offer schools across Scotland a light-hearted and inclusive way for pupils to develop their communication skills and build their confidence and self-esteem.





Giving Voice aims to ‘give voice’ to people with speech, language and communication needs, to ensure their needs and those of their carers and families, are met. We equip our members to demonstrate locally how speech and language therapy makes a difference to individuals and society, whilst RCSLT officers work to engage decision makers and the media at a national level.




Communication Access UK is an initiative, developed in partnership with charities and organisations, that shares a vision to improve the lives of people with communication difficulties.



Right to Rehab Coalition – RCSLT Scotland is a member of the Right to Rehab Coalition, a collective of health charities and professional bodies who are committed to delivering the Right to Rehab in Scotland. Our aim is to ensure that everyone has access to rehab when needed and people’s needs can be met locally by having the right workforce and professional leadership in place.



Media Stories

Who should I influence in Scotland?

External stakeholders in Scotland you can seek to influence include:


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