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Speech: Assessment and Therapy in Practice

12/01/2024, Online

This course with Dr Sean Pert, takes you deeper into the practicalities of evidence-based assessment and therapy. Moving beyond assessment and diagnosis we explore how to identify and apply evidence-based treatment for children with all types of speech disorder. Effective interventions will be linked to each speech diagnosis and illustrated using case studies and transcription data sets.

Tel: 01743 211 346

Applying Best Practice in the Early Years, for Clinic Based and Independent Practitioners

06/02/2024, Online

6 February & 3 October 2024

This course focuses on support for children with language and communication needs in the Early Years, taking you through the process of assessment and clinical decision-making when working with pre school children. It takes a case study-based approach to explore how we can apply underpinning evidence to support clinical practice with young children. The focus will be on working with individual children, including making links with parents and with settings.

Tel: 01743 211 346

Reading Adult Videofluoroscopies. An online course hosted by the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square

19/02/2024, Online

Introduction to neurological disorders Monday 19th February 2024

Common neurological dysphagia presentations, utilisation of VFS and approaches to analysis.

Intermediate Monday 22rd April 2024

Challenging neurological diagnosis, refining analytical skills and dysphagia management plans.

£160 both days/£90 individual days.

Tel: 02034483476

DEAP Assessment for Children with Speech Sound Disorder

29/02/2024, Online

The DEAP assessment is recommended as part of the core assessment battery for all children who have SSD. This course provides clinicians with the skill and confidence to administer and analyse the Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology (DEAP) assessment, to differentially diagnose the presenting SSD subtype.

Tel: 01743 211 346

Hanen It Takes Two to Talk® Certification Workshop

04/03/2024, Online

04-06 March, 9am-5pm daily.

Gain an evidence-based framework for coaching parents of young children with language delays to facilitate their child’s language development during everyday interactions and activities. You receive a licence to offer the It Takes Two to Talk Program and to use It Takes Two to Talk materials in your 1:1 parent coaching sessions.

Tel: 416-921-1073

smiLE Therapy Training Day One & Day Two

07/03/2024, Live online training

7th & 8th and 11th &12th March 2024, 9-12 each morning

Innovative 10-step therapy teaching functional communication and social skills in real settings for students who are Deaf, have DLD, Learning Difficulties, Down Syndrome, Physical Disability. Also teaching functional communication for certain Autistic students. For ages 7 to 25. Outcome measures, empowering parents & generalisation integral. For SLTs & Teachers. Loved by students, parents, practitioners. Now named on EHCPs. Email us to book and to enquire about bespoke training for your Team.

Free x1 hour online Taster session available for you, your NHS Trust, CEN, University, Special School or College, Local Authority, Independent Practice.


Identification and Management of Phonological Delay and Consistent Phonological Disorder in Children

20/03/2024, Online

This course focuses on the nature, identification, and evidence-based intervention for consistent phonological difficulties, whether delayed or consistently disordered.

Revisit underlying concepts & established therapy approaches, often learned during pre-qualification training for SLTs, and discover more recently developed therapy approaches.

Ideal for NQTs who now have working experience of assessment and therapy. Also useful for returners to practice.

Tel: 01743 211 346

PROMPT Level 1: Introduction to Technique

22/03/2024, CORRS Corner Hotel 315 Ballycare Rd, Newtonabbey BT36 4TQ United Kingdom

22.03.24 – 24.03.24

This 3-day workshop teaches a system for assessing and treating Speech, Language and Communication Disorders from a perspective of speech-motor control. The course teaches the Technique of PROMPT and trains Speech and Language Therapists to provide somatosensory, tactile-kinaesthetic input, to support the development of speech movement. Using a holistic framework participants will learn how to embed speech goals within functional communication, thus developing social interaction and language.

Tel: 07533081818

Working with Speech and Language Disorders in a Bilingual Context

22/03/2024, Online

This masterclass with Dr Sean Pert, looks equitable assessment & treatment for children who speak two or more languages, and experience speech & language difficulties affecting both/all their languages. This evidence-based course examines this challenging but rewarding area, providing theory & how to apply this to professional practice. Discounts available for returners and students.

Tel: 01743 211 346

Intensive Interaction Training – Module 1

15/04/2024, Ivydale School, SE15 3DD

Therapy Links UK will be hosting Intensive Interaction Training!

Delivered by the Intensive Interaction Institute, this one day course will be of interest to those involved in the care, support or education of children or adults with learning difficulties and/or autism, including therapy staff, teachers and teaching assistants.

This approach teaches the “fundamentals of communication”. It teaches how to support and help people with learning disabilities or autism who are at early levels of communication development, to develop competence and confidence as a communicator and that communication can be fun and rewarding. It also builds trust, security, and attunement with others, all of which are essential for positive relationships to thrive.

Tel: 020 7732 5931

Supporting SLT Assistants in their Role: Implementing a Framework for Competencies, Coaching & CPD (offered by ARC Supervision & CPD)

26/04/2024, Online (via Teams or Zoom) from 9.30 – 16.00 hrs

An Online Study Day for SLTs supervising/managing SLTAs

  • Using Support Worker Framework & Toolkit (RCSLT)
  • Core & Clinical Competencies
  • Exploring Work Based Learning
  • Reflective Practitioners
  • Ladder of Support & Supervision (risk analysis)

See ARC Website for specific info on this & other courses on Supervision, Advanced Supervision, Leadership.


Led by Ruth Howes, author of Reflective Clinical Supervision in SLT (Routledge)

Tel: 07827368259

NAPLIC Conference 27 April 2024, Birmingham, BOOK NOW – Early Bird Closes 04/04/24

27/04/2024, The Studio, 7 Cannon St, Birmingham B2 5EP

NAPLIC CONFERENCE 2024: Developmental Language Disorder (DLD): the latest research and practice. Focusing on all aspects of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and SLCN, the NAPLIC Conference will look at the latest research, innovations and best practice to improve outcomes.

Early Bird Closes 04/04/24

BOOK NOW: Members’ Early bird member: £130 Non-Members’ Early Bird: £170

Tel: 07951 579 603

Two-day introduction to Solution Focused Brief Therapy

16/05/2024, Online

16 May and 17 May


This course will be delivered by the experienced Solution Focused (SF) therapist, author and international trainer in SF practice, Kidge Burns, and co-hosted by Susannah Stobart, SLT and SF practitioner.

Solution focused brief therapy is a different way of having conversations with clients. The SF mindset, combined with a set of useful tools or techniques, helps clinicians to:

  • Focus on the strengths and resources of the client, rather than dwelling on the problems.
  • Be truly client centred, following the client’s lead.
  • Work efficiently and effectively to help achieve positive outcomes, in relatively short time frames.
  • Develop a collaborative approach through non-judgemental, open communication and mutual respect.
  • Facilitate clients to notice increased confidence and signs of meaningful change in their lives.



Language Disorders in Children Conference

08/06/2024, Wellcome Collection, Euston Rd, London NW1 2BE

One day free event showcasing the research by leaders in the field of #DLD, funded by HvdL
Foundation Trust. Topics include psycholinguistic assessment & interventions at school &
within the family, across preschool, school age & young offenders as well as the deaf.


Two-Day Face to Face ‘Social Thinking’ Conference with Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke

12/06/2024, Coin Street Conference Centre, 108 Stamford Street, Lambeth, London SE1 9NH

12th & 13th June – £350 (lunch included)

Day 1-Pamela Crooke

‘Implementing Social Thinking Concepts & Vocabulary: A Day to Develop Team Creativity’ (newly updated)

Day 2-Michelle Garcia Winner

‘Practical Ideas for Teaching Self-Regulation & Building Friendships’

Rare live opportunity to hear Michelle Garcia Winner (founder of Social Thinking) and co-developer Pamela Crooke (see

This Conference aims to help professionals/parents gain more knowledge about how individuals understand the social world, so we can better support them. Social Thinking also gives us strategies to help individuals gain more social knowledge, including better social observational skills, so they can come close to meeting their own social goals.

Tel: 07879 640397

Introduction to Facial Rehabilitation

Various dates, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square

This one and a half day course will focus on facial rehabilitation for people with facial weakness following damage to the cortico-bulbar pathway, the facial nucleus and/or the facial nerve and its branches, reviewing aspects of neurophysiology and anatomy, treatment interventions and outcome measurement.

The first day (Friday 1st March) will be online lectures. The 2nd day (Saturday 2nd March morning) will be F2F including practical sessions and patient workshops.

Applicants can either attend the virtual only day or the virtual and practical days.


Tel: 020 344 83476

Clinical/Professional Supervision in SLT: Strengthening your Toolkit. Offered by ARC Supervision/CPD

Various dates, Online via Teams

ARC (Appreciative Reflective CPD)




Study Day:

  • Clinical Supervision
  • Toolkit
  • Reflective & Solution Focused Models
  • Guiding Conversations
  • Documentation

Led by Ruth Howes author of Reflective Clinical Supervision in SLT; Strengthening Skills (Routledge Oct 22)

OTHER OPTIONS: Supporting Assistants, Assistants Study Day, Avoiding Burn-out

ALSO Bespoke Team Training Days

See WEBSITE for details

Tel: 07827368259

Supervision and Support for SLT’s and SLTA’s – ARC Supervision Series Continues (Appreciative Reflective CPD)

Various dates, Online via Zoom

CPD Opportunities


Prof Supervision in SLT – Toolkit, Reflective models, Conversations

Supporting/Supervising SLTA’s – RCSLT Framework, Active Learning

Led by Ruth Howes author of Reflective Supervision in SLT; Strengthening Skills (Speechmark)

ALSO Assistants Study Day

Supportive/Restorative Supervision – avoid Burn-out

Advanced Supervision

COMING SOON: Clinical Skills Series

Training for Teams Together available

Email Ruth or go to WEBSITE

Tel: 07827368259

Reflective Self-Development in SLT. Developed by ARC Supervision/CPD

Various dates, Online via Teams/Zoom

Self Development Reflective Practice Program

Choose ½ day CPD options:

  • Mindful Leadership
  • Telling Reflective Stories
  • Life Laundry for SLTs
  • Appreciative Leadership & Coaching
  • Managing Time & Energy
  • Peer Supervision
  • Space to Think

Led by Ruth Howes author of Reflective Clinical Supervision in SLT; Strengthening Skills (Routledge)

Compassionate Leadership (CIRC-EL), Burnout, Supervising SLTAs & SLTA Day.

Tel: 07827368259

Elklan Total Training Packages to deliver Speech and Language Support courses to practitioners – 2024 courses

Various dates, Online 2-5pm each day

These courses equip SaLTs and teaching advisors to provide accredited training to practitioners in a range of settings. Each Total Training Package covers all you need to run the course. Courses cost £520 pp ex VAT.

0-3s – 24th-27th June, 16th -19th June (2025)

3-5s – 11th-14th March, 17th-20th June, 11th-14th November

5-11s – 18th-21st March, 17th-20th June, 4th-5th November

11-16 – 3rd-6th June, 4th-7th November

Post 16s – 18th-21st November

SLD  – 16th-22nd February, 24th-27th February (2025)

Autistic Pupils – 4th-7th March, 11th-14th November, 10th-13th March (2025)

Complex Needs – 29th April-2nd May, 18th-21st November

Tel: 01208 841450

Elklan Specialist Training Package to deliver courses to staff supporting children and adults using AAC

Various dates, Online 9am – 12.30pm each day

This course equips SaLTs to provide accredited training to staff supporting users of AAC, including power-based and person-based communication aids. It covers all you need to run the course, ‘Supporting Children and Adults using AAC’. Presented by the author, Andrea Lee. £240 pp ex VAT

7th, 14th & 21st June 2024

11th, 18th & 25th November 2024

Tel: 01208 841450