The RCSLT can disseminate research project surveys to members that have been through a process of review and approval by the RCSLT survey team.  The RCSLT receives a high volume of these requests and can only disseminate a limited number of surveys.

The RCSLT is committed to supporting the development of new research and evidence-based approaches to therapy, and this review process assists us in ensuring that any disseminated projects align with the RCSLT’s strategic objectives, available in the about section of the RCSLT website.

The dissemination methods will be determined by both current and forthcoming RCSLT projects (research and policy) as well as other factors as highlighted in the review process, e.g. the volume of surveys received on a particular topic and the breadth of the topic and the use of social media channels for the dissemination of RCSLT work.

The RCSLT can disseminate surveys via a variety of communication channels including:

  • Through a Clinical Excellence Network via email or Basecamp
  • RCSLT Hubs
  • Inclusion in the RCSLT Research Newsletter
  • Twitter

Please note, the dissemination of a survey or research project by the RCSLT is not evidence of the RCSLT endorsing or approving the content.

Applications for Survey Dissemination

If you would like to disseminate your survey through the RCSLT’s channels, please provide the following information to for review by the panel:

  • Your RCSLT membership number, if applicable
  • The survey’s open and close date
  • Confirmation that ethical approval has been received and evidence of which, if available
  • Confirmation that you agree to include a statement within the introduction of your survey that you will share the results with the RCSLT, and
  • The survey questions in a readable, offline version which does not require online completion to access (Word or PDF format). These should be accompanied by the [document name] including:
  • A statement describing how the project relates to the strategic objectives of the RCSLT, and
  • A sentence on what you believe the potential impact/ implications of this work will be on the SLT profession.

The RCSLT Survey Review Panel reviews applications for survey dissemination weekly, so please ensure that you allow sufficient time for the review to take place before your survey’s end date.

If the panel does not consider the survey to be suitable for circulation, you will be notified in writing. Some reasons for the RCSLT choosing not to circulate a survey include:

  • The survey is not related to speech, language, communication or swallowing needs or is not relevant to the speech and language therapy profession.
  • The survey relates to a commercial product or is intended as a marketing tool.
  • The survey supports a viewpoint that is believed to be contentious or controversial, or otherwise unsupported by the leading policy makers, e.g. the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence.
  • The survey does not meet the RCSLT’s strategic objectives.

If your survey has been reviewed by the panel and you disagree with their decision, please advise the Enquiries team in writing and a review of the decision will be undertaken.  The Survey Review Panel will then provide a response to the review to you in writing within 10 working days.

Any queries regarding this process can be directed to the RCSLT Enquiries team via the Contact us page

Flowchart for Disseminating Surveys

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