About the project

There is a need for further guidance and resources for managers to support NQPs and for NQPs to feel confident transitioning from placement to their new job as an SLT. RCSLT looked into how we can support newly qualified practitioners (NQPs) in their early careers.

As part of a Health Education England (HEE) funded programme to support allied health professions (AHP) workforce reform priorities, the RCSLT has updated its website with further information regarding preceptorships and compiled examples of case studies. We have now completed this project and the guidance is now live.

Read more about the overall workforce reform programme.


The purpose of this project was to provide a central point for resources and guidance to best support SLTs in their early careers by providing better guidance and links to useful resources for both NQPs and managers.

Project outcomes

The output of this project was new guidance for preceptorships on the website.

We engaged with members to set up a formal working group consisting of AHP education practitioners, newly qualified practitioners and managers. The working group had representatives from all four nations.  

A lead author was recruited to produce new preceptorship guidance with input from the working group.  

The guidance is open access and is now live on the RCSLT website. It includes an introduction, the role of a preceptor/preceptee, who a preceptorship is for, links to NHS/HEE resources, preceptorship principles and guidance specific to SLTs. 

The new resources also include three case studies from the perspective of two preceptees and one preceptor about their journey through preceptorship. 

A link to the Professional Development Framework has been included on the preceptorship pages, to demonstrate the diversity and potential opportunities to those transitioning into the profession, whilst encouraging reflection on existing skills and experience against the four domains of practice: professional practice, facilitation of learning, evidence, research and innovation, and leadership and management. 

The RCSLT will be considering the embedding of the HCPC Preceptorship Principles further, once they are published. 

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