The latest in funding, opportunities and resources relating to research and evidence-based practice in the speech and language therapy profession.

Last updated: July 2024.


This page includes the latest in funding, opportunities and resources relating to research and evidence-based practice in the speech and language therapy profession.  

The opportunities listed here will usually be updated bi-monthly, but relevant closing dates and deadlines are included where relevant.  

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Inclusive research opportunities and resources

This blog discusses critical considerations for breaking down barriers to inclusive residential care for older LGBTQ+ people, underpinned by the NIHR-funded ‘Creating Inclusive Residential Care for LGBTQ+ Elders (CIRCLE)’ study. 

New research funded by NIHR ARC East Midlands shows that ethnic minorities are underrepresented in studies into multiple long-term conditions (MLTCs), despite being more likely to be affected. Read the news piece and full article.  

Slides and posters from the NIHR Applied Research Collaborations Inequalities and Prevention Research Showcase (which took place in March 2024) are now available to view and download.  

New publications which may be of interest: 

Dooley, J. and Webb, J. (2024) ‘“Atypical Interactions” in Healthcare: A State-of-the-Art Literature Review of Conversation-Analytic Research, with Reflections on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion’, Research on Language and Social Interaction, 57(1), pp. 109–126. Available at: 

Gréaux, M. et al. (2024) ‘Amplifying the voices of underrepresented speech-language pathologists: A scoping review using the transformative research paradigm’, International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, pp. 1–20. Available at: 

Guiberson, M. (2024) ‘Culturally Responsive Literacy Interventions in Speech-Language Pathology: A Scoping Review’, Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups [ePub]. Available at: 

Higby, E. et al. (2024) ‘Pedagogical Approaches to Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Communication Sciences and Disorders Programs: A Nationwide Survey’, American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology [ePub]. Available at: 

Irizarry, -Pérez Carlos D., Fabiano, L. and Martinez, -Fisher Andrea (2024) ‘Ethically Responsible Participant Selection in Research: A Viewpoint’, Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 67(4), pp. 1136–1142. Available at: 

Project / programme grants and funding

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Fellowships and clinical academic opportunities

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