6 December 2021

We’re looking for volunteers to be filmed performing CAT or RAPT assessments as part of our project to build a virtual library of clinical assessments. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

As you may be aware there is an RCSLT project underway to develop a virtual library of clinical assessments and virtual surgeries framework. The high-level aims of this project are to:

  • Address gaps in clinical knowledge due to COVID-19.
  • Build confidence among students and NQPs who have missed out on teaching and placement opportunities.
  • Support clinicians with career development and clinical knowledge acquisition.

This content will be developed in these parts:

  • Virtual library of clinical assessments
  • Virtual surgeries framework

The virtual library of formal speech and language therapy clinical assessments half of this project will be used as a training tool for SLT students and NQPs.

Find out more about this project (PDF)

What are we looking for?

For the clinical assessments part of this project (part one), we need to film SLTs carrying out selected assessments with their clients. These will then be edited and used to populate an online resource on the RCSLT website.

To enable this we need suitably qualified SLT volunteers to agree to be filmed carrying out the CAT or RAPT assessment with a consented client. We can provide the film crew and equipment, therefore all we need is SLTs and their clients to be filmed (early 2022).

Ideally we are looking for SLTs who are Band 6 (and above) who have carried out these assessments before.

What’s in it for you?

There are many benefits to getting involved, including:

  • It counts towards your CPD
  • Great experience to showcase on CV/interviews
  • Honing your own skills
  • Helping others (who have been affected by COVID-19) to ultimately follow in your speech and language therapy footsteps!

Even if you are not able to help directly, please share this as widely as possible among your networks as these sample films are a very important part of this project.

If you are interested, or know anyone who may be interested, then please contact cpd@rcslt.org for more information.

Thank you in advance as any help will be massively appreciated.

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