25 June 2024

RCSLT has published new infographics to highlight the role of SLTs in tackling health inequalities as part of NHS England’s Core20PLUS5 approach.

In 2010 Michael Marmot said “Health inequalities result from social inequalities. Action on health inequalities requires action across all the social determinants of health.”

Fourteen years later, while a cross-government strategy is still awaited to address the many social determinants of health inequalities, we know SLTs are able to make important contributions through their own roles.

We have therefore published two new infographics which highlight the role of SLTs in reducing health inequalities in both adults and children and young people. The infographics look specifically at the role of SLTs in relation to the NHS England health inequalities improvement programme, Core20PLUS5.

The Core20PLUS5 approach identifies both a target population – the ‘Core20PLUS’ as well as ‘5’ clinical areas against which to target health inequalities actions.

The infographics can be used in your teams, with other AHPs, with wider systems contacts or to raise awareness of the roles that SLTs can have.

They are part of a suite of existing resources available on our website which aim to provide a starting point for both individuals including students, support workers and SLTs, as well as teams, Clinical Excellence Networks and Higher Education Institutions. The resources include an overview of health inequalities issues, examples of the SLT role across them, case studies, a downloadable self-audit tool and indicator sheets you can adapt for your own use.

Download the new Core20PLUS5 resources and look out for the latest edition of Bulletin magazine this summer to read about some of the great work SLTs are doing to tackle health inequalities.