21 October 2020

Health Education England has a new national programme to encourage Allied Health Professionals, Healthcare Scientists and Social workers to return to practice.

From HEE:

“The national programme for return to practice (RTP) supporting Allied Health Profession (AHP), Healthcare Scientists (HCS) and Social Workers (SW) to return to work is run by Health Education England (HEE). As part of the programme HEE will provide up to £2000.00 per returnee to support their Return to Practice process. The payment will be proportional to the needs of the returnee and divided between the returnee and relevant supporting organisations clinical placement providers and universities). The programme covers all professionals requiring registration with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) (AHP, HCS or Social Workers).

Monies will only be paid to returnees and any supporting organisation when the returnees have formally registered their interest with the HEE programme by completing the relevant proforma (Returnee Information Form) and the participating clinical placement provider agrees to support the returnee with a clinical placement. All parties’ must agree to provide the relevant information in a timely manner to ensure relevant payments are authorised and paid.

HEE will pay all monies in line with costs agreed as part of the project. At no point should any party be delayed payments of due fees unless insufficient information has been provided in accordance with process. The amount paid to each party will be in accordance to any pre-arranged agreement between HEE and all participating third parties. Any monies claimed and not used are to be returned to HEE.”

The monies can be claimed for:

  • Academic support
  • Placement education
  • Out of pocket expenses