25 November 2021

We are busy improving our CPD site – rcsltcpd.org.uk – where we host our e-learning courses (such as ‘The Box’ and ‘Working with Bilingual Children’).

In order to make the improvements we have had to put the site into maintenance mode for now. We will open it again next week and you’ll be able to see the changes at that point.

While the site is in maintenance mode you will not be able to access your e-learning courses or your account. Please be assured that all of your previous learning progress will be saved and will be available again in the updated site.

This does not affect your CPD Diary (where you record your learning reflections) which you will still be able to access as normal.

We are making these changes to bring you several improvements including:

  • A single-sign on with the main RCSLT site so you’ll be able to use the same password for both
  • A fresh new look
  • It will be easier to see which courses you have taken or started

We look forward to sharing the updated site with you soon!