18 February 2022

The House of Lords has recently finished Committee Stage of the Health and Care Bill. The RCSLT worked with peers to influence the debates, which included briefing them on a range of issues, including babies, children and young people, membership of Integrated Care Boards, rehabilitation plan and workforce planning. Read on to find out more about the policy asks.

Babies, children and young people

We argued for the Bill to include reference babies, children and young people. This was one of the policy asks of the Health Policy Influencing Group, of which the RCSLT is a member. It is a coalition run by the National Children’s Bureau and Council for Disabled Children.

Membership of Integrated Care Boards

We argued for Integrated Care Boards to include an allied health professional (AHP). This was a policy ask of the Allied Health Professions Federation of which the RCSLT is a member. We also argued for them to include a rehabilitation professional. This was a policy ask of the Community Rehabilitation Alliance of which the RCSLT is also a member.

Rehabilitation plan

We argued that Integrated Care Boards should produce an annual rehabilitation strategy. This was a Community Rehabilitation Alliance policy ask.

Workforce planning

We argued for improved workforce planning. This is to ensure there are enough speech and language therapists – to meet current and future demand. This was part of an Allied Health Professions Federation policy ask.

RCSLT’s briefings

Next steps

We are now working with peers and coalition partners in preparation for the report stage. This is the next stage of the Bill’s consideration and begins in March.