RCSLT survey on the impact of COVID-19 and post-COVID syndrome on speech and language therapy

1 October 2021

The RCSLT has launched a new survey to explore the current demands on speech and language therapy services in the UK and how this may have changed following the COVID-19 pandemic.

An extended version of the survey also seeks to specifically hear from speech and language therapy services, of any kind, who are seeing or receiving referrals for people with speech and language therapy needs associated with post-COVID syndrome (or ‘long COVID’).

This is to update our learning, and provide a current picture on long COVID, following our survey in February 2021. Read the results of the February survey (PDF) for details of our previous findings.

This information is vital to collate, so that the RCSLT can:

  • Continue to influence and lobby for SLTs to be fully recognised and appreciated in national policies or guidance.
  • Develop our understanding of the workforce and thus support workforce planning.
  • Create a national picture of provision for patients with long COVID and identify any variation.
  • Contribute to the evidence base about post-COVID syndrome (or long COVID) to enable patients to receive the care they need.

To do this, we need as many speech and language therapy teams/services, across all settings and sectors, to complete the survey.

The survey closed at midnight on 31 October 2021.

If you have any questions about this work, please email us at info@rcslt.org.