22 October 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak

If you’re struggling to pay for your membership during this challenging time, please get in touch with the RCSLT membership team to discuss your options.

Email: membership@rcslt.org
Phone: 020 7378 3010 or 020 7378 3011

Membership application and payment forms: The membership team will have limited access to post sent to RCSLT head office in White Hart Yard, London. Please email all application and payment forms to membership@rcslt.org for processing. Scanned application and payment forms and clear photos of the application form will be accepted.

Membership renewal for 2020/21: To prevent delays in your payment being processed and to ensure your membership is renewed, please email all membership renewal payment forms to membership@rcslt.org, please not do not post them. This includes members who usually:

  • Pay by credit/debit card
  • Pay by cheque
Members can also choose to pay their 2020/21 membership fee over the phone by calling 020 7378 3011.

Members who pay their membership renewable by direct debit do not need to email a copy of the membership renewal form to the team, as your membership will renew automatically.

Please contact membership@rcslt.org if you have posted your payment form or cheque in the last few days and are unsure whether your payment has been processed.

For any other queries during this challenging time, please contact us

It is now time to renew your membership for 2020.

Whether you have moved house, changed your name or are taking a career break, our membership team will be happy to help you with changing any aspect of your membership details at any time.  Around 16,600 members now pay by direct debit and benefit from a £13.50 discount on their fees. If you have a UK bank account and don’t pay by direct debit, consider switching to save yourself time and money.

Insurance cover

The RCSLT provides professional indemnity insurance for Certified, Newly Qualified – Practising, Overseas Qualified Practitioner – UK Practising, Student and Assistant members based in the UK, as well as for Non-practising, Returners and Retired members in respect of past practice. An overview of your insurance cover can be found on the RCSLT website,  and you may also be interested in listening to our webinar on insurance. It is a legal requirement of Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration to hold professional indemnity insurance. Please ensure you are in the correct category when renewing your membership, as this cover cannot be backdated. If you need to change your membership category, your personal details, or the way in which you pay your fees, contact the RCSLT membership team at membership@rcslt.org. The RCSLT also provides legal fees insurance for UK-based members related to referrals to the HCPC.

Our insurance covers fully paid-up members only. Members paying by cheque or credit card will only be covered from 1 April if we have received your payment before this date—if you pay after 1 April, your cover will resume from the date you make your payment.

SLTs who are resident in the Republic of Ireland and are HCPC registered are eligible to join the Certified members category. However, due to possible changes in insurance law arising from Brexit, the cover provided in respect of professional indemnity and legal fees  insurance after 31 August 2020 may change. We will write separately to these members explaining the position.

Late renewals and fees

If you choose to renew your membership outside the usual renewals period, you will still be liable for your fees on the full-year basis. However, we will not be able to backdate your insurance cover and you will not have access to member only areas of the RCSLT website if your membership lapses. If you have not heard from us about renewing your membership by 1 March 2020, please get in touch by emailing membership@rcslt.org or calling  020 7378 3010/3011.