11 June 2024

The updated guidance on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) replaces our previous guidance.

Our new AAC guidance provides clinical level guidance for practising SLTs in addition to guidance for the public who may benefit from increasing their understanding of AAC tools and techniques. The guidance was coproduced by SLTs, AAC users and their families/carers. A downloadable summary on practice and guidance statements which practising SLTs should be using when supporting AAC use and users, has also been created to aid SLTs working in this field. All guidance is available for everyone to access to allow clinicians and non-clinicians alike to gain insights from different perspectives. 

In addition to the web based guidance, the new resources page provides signposting to other relevant guidelines which are available on the topic (such as the NICE guidelines), research and other learning resources such as video examples of AAC usage.   

An accompanying position statement has also been created. Aimed at policy makers and stakeholders who are responsible for service provision, it provides a detailed explanation on the RCSLT’s position on AAC and the level of service provision which AAC users should expect to be delivered.   

Read the guidance in full