2025 marks the 80th anniversary of The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy

On the 6 January 2025, the RCSLT will celebrate 80 years since it was first established to “promote the study of speech therapy in this country, to seek to improve and maintain a high standard of knowledge and to unite all members of the profession”.

We will be honouring this momentous anniversary throughout 2025 and it will be an opportunity to:

  • Celebrate the profession and recognise member’s contribution to speech and language therapy.
  • Thank stakeholders, service users and supporters of speech and language therapy.
  • Raise awareness of the profession.

In anticipation of the anniversary – we are looking for a photographer to help us capture the profession at 80. Find out more about this project

Look out for further information on the anniversary in the coming months

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2025, and we’re seeking a talented photographer to capture the essence of the speech and language therapy profession. Your photos will be featured in our membership magazine Bulletin, exhibited at our London offices and across the UK, and showcased on our website and social media platforms. You can find out about more about speech and language therapy across our website.

This project is open to any photographers across the UK

Project overview

  • Objective: Create a modern, creative visual narrative that highlights the different sectors within which speech and language therapists work, the wide range of people they support, and the diversity in the profession
  • Deliverables:
      – A series of high-quality photographs (in high-resolution formats suitable for print).
      – Captions or brief descriptions for each photo.
  • Timeline:
      – Project kick-off: early August
      – Project completion: Monday 21 October 2024.

If this project sounds of interest please submit an application including the following points: 

1. Interest and Vision:

  • Explain why you’re interested in this commission. What draws you to capturing the essence of speech and language therapy? (no more than 300 words)
  • Share your vision for the project—how do you plan to showcase the profession’s significance and impact? (no more than 300 words)

2. Previous Work:

  • Provide examples of your previous photography projects. Highlight any relevant work that demonstrates your ability to tell compelling visual stories.
  • If you’ve worked on projects related to healthcare, diversity, or human connection, mention them.

3. Technical Requirements:

  • You’ll need to use your own photography equipment
  • Photos must be captured in high resolution (300 dpi) suitable for print in a magazine, and for an exhibition
  • Consider lighting, composition, and framing to create impactful images. The photos will be used for an editorial feature so please take this into consideration.

4. Fee and Expenses:

  • The project fee is £1,000 (plus travel expenses). The project will involve photography at a number of locations across the UK
  • Specify how you’ll handle travel expenses (e.g., reimbursement, flat fee).
  • Ensure transparency regarding payment terms and invoicing.

Further information

If you have any questions please contact Cara McDonagh cara.mcdonagh@rcslt.org

Please submit your application online through our form by 9am on Monday 22 July 2024

Thank you for considering this exciting opportunity to contribute to RCSLT’s 80th anniversary celebration. We look forward to seeing your unique perspective through your lens! 📸🎉

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