The next North West Mainstream Schools CEN meeting will be held via Zoom on July 16 2021, 2-4pm.

Topic 1

Feedback from the NAPLIC Conference, which included talks on:

  • Stability and change in language disorders over time
  • Language explorer: using artificial intelligence to assist language transcription and analysis for children with DLD
  • Identifying and remediating children’s language difficulties
  • Nuffield Early Language Intervention school presentation (NELI)
  • Joint working in Wales
  • The nature and content of children’s book language: implications for language and literacy development
  • Oracy for all our students

Kate Blundell, Cheryl Orr and Alison Buckley will feedback on sessions attended. If there are particular areas you would like to hear more on that others please email Alison Buckley know in advance so that we can plan the agenda accordingly.

Topic 2

Discussion on getting back to ‘some kind of normal’ with our speech and language therapy services – what is helping? Please all be prepared to contribute to this discussion.

Book via email

Please email Cheryl Orr if you would like to attend:

A Zoom link will be sent in July to current members and non-members who wish to attend.

For membership enquiries please email Lauren Bailey