A strategy for children’s speech and language therapy services

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this process to date, which includes over 1,300 RCSLT members, over 400 parents and carers, and over 200 other stakeholders. 

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Placing children and young people at the heart of delivering quality speech and language therapy: Guidance on principles, activities and outcomes

What is this and how do I use it?

This downloadable document provides high-level guidance as well as influencing material to help you demonstrate the value of speech and language therapy. It is directly informed by conversations with you, children and young people, families and other professionals working with children.

Find out more on p19 of your July edition of Bulletin magazine.

N.B. This guidance replaces RCSLT position paper Supporting children with speech, language and communication needs within integrated children’s services (2006)

RCSLT position statements 

As part of this project, the RCSLT has produced position statements on assessment only services and caseload management.  A further one on DNA policies and discharge is in development.  These statements address specific issues which were frequently raised by the profession during the development of the children’s services project, as well as through the Bercow: Ten Years On review.

What’s coming next?

Coming later this year, the new RCSLT digital platform will include a dedicated Children’s Services area that embeds content from this guidance and brings it to life with resources.

We will also be working with you to help implement and disseminate the messages from this guidance, looking across the UK to put this in practice.

Keep in touch

You’ve directly influenced what we’ve created through your engagement with the process. It doesn’t end here. These resources will be added to, forming a growing web of support that you can access for guidance, evidence and influencing.

Check back here for the latest developments in this work, and look out for more updates in Bulletin, the e-newsletter and social media. If you have any questions in relation to this, get in touch with us at info@rcslt.org.

Where did this come from?

In 2016, the RCSLT embarked on an extensive review of the guidance provided to the almost two thirds of our members who work with children and young people. This was rooted in a clear mandate for change: in a complex landscape of competing pressures, there are both risks and opportunities for improving the outcomes for children and young people with SLCN and swallowing needs.

Informed by you

Through a series of online workshops across the UK, we spoke to over 400 parents and carers, children and young people themselves, and over 1,300 of you, our members. These dialogues informed every step we took, shaping the structure of the review process.

These online conversations pinpointed a series of outcomes for children and young people that are directly connected to what SLTs do. Throughout this process, overarching strands of best practice began to emerge. These have been developed into guiding principles, designed to support you in delivering quality services wherever you are across the UK and whichever setting you work in. They provide a framework for best practice that remains consistent amidst the changes in landscape.

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