• An SLT apprentice will need to take a degree or a masters as part of their apprenticeship.
  • An SLT apprentice will not need to pay tuition fees.


The RCSLT is actively supporting the development of apprenticeships, as they relate to speech and language therapy. Read our position statement.

Latest news

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that development work has paused for now. We will review what likely start dates are in due course, but it is now unlikely that this will be in 2021.
RCSLT consulted on both draft guidance for employers and universities and on potential changes to the RCSLT curriculum guidance on SLT degree apprenticeships earlier in 2020. 
The draft guidance for employers and universities can be found here. RCSLT will finalise this guidance once work resumes.

The speech and language therapy degree apprenticeship standard and the end point assessment (EPA) have been approved. It is available here. The group drafted the degree standard so it is consistent with, and has as a basis, the RCSLT curriculum guidance. It sets out the knowledge, skills and behaviour required of a newly qualified SLT. 

Please see our FAQ document for answers to your frequently asked questions.

Please also take a look at our flyers for employers and potential apprentices.  

Further information for employers and universities

A new webinar on Apprenticeships can be found here

RCSLT is consulting on guidance for employers and universities

In the meantime read more information on apprenticeship requirements from the Government:

Further information for potential apprentices

Although the apprenticeship standard is now approved, potential employers of apprentices and universities now need to work together to develop the apprenticeship courses and these will need to be approved by the HCPC and accredited by RCSLT. It is likely to be 2021 when the first apprenticeships will be available. We will keep updating here with the latest progress so please do check back regularly. In the meantime, here are some FAQs about the apprenticeship