23 October 2019

23 April 2019

The RCSLT has recently received several queries with regard to an SLT’s role in moving, lifting, or handling patients.

Where SLTs have a role in patient moving, lifting or handling, the role should be defined clearly within the SLT’s job description.

Appropriate training should also be provided to ensure that the SLT is able to meet the requirements of their role and ensure that organisational policies and procedures, particularly in relation to health and safety, are adhered to.

Explicit mention of the role requirement in job descriptions, along with relevant training, will also help to ensure that any activities that are undertaken by an SLT who is a member of the RCSLT, will be covered by the insurance that forms part of their membership.

The RCSLT insurance will cover SLTs for activities related to patient care, and SLTs should enquire about their organisation’s insurance related to employees, as part of their obligations regarding health and safety at work.

While NHS Employers has published guidance on manual handling, independent and non-NHS employers should ensure that procedures relating to moving and handling patients have been put in place.

You can find further guidance on moving and handling in our managing risk section (members only)

Any queries on moving patients can be directed to the RCSLT Enquiries team through the contact us page.