13 June 2024

RCSLT is calling on candidates to support improved access to speech and language therapy and run communication accessible campaigns

As the general election approaches, the RCSLT is today publishing its policy calls. These are designed to improve the lives of people of all ages with communication and/or swallowing needs and their families. You can read about them on our website, share them online, or print them out.

As the same time, we are calling on candidates to run communication accessible campaigns by undertaking the Communication Access UK training.

How you can help

We all know that support for people with communication and/or swallowing needs matters. But we need your help to make that case as loudly as possible to local candidates.

To support you to do that, the RCSLT is also today launching an e-action for you to contact your local candidates directly. All you need is your postcode and five minutes.

There are e-actions set up for both speech and language therapists, and also for those who are having speech and language therapy, or are the family member of someone who is.

More information

For more information, or if you need any help, please contact elissa.cregan@rcslt.org or peter.just@rcslt.org.

Click below to read in full.

Decorative image showing the PDF document.