20 June 2024

RCSLT have begun work on a new workforce, education and training programme designed to support the ongoing educational priorities for speech and language therapists (SLTs).  

Funded by NHS England, the workforce, education and training programme consists of a series of projects which will support the education and training of the SLT workforce throughout their careers.  

The aim of the programme is to ensure there is an effective supply of SLTs through an all-encompassing educational curriculum with a long-term goal of improving the retention of SLTs. The work of the programme will cover all four nations and we plan to engage with SLTs across the UK. 

The projects will cover the following areas: 

  • SLT educators 
  • SLT careers 
  • Inclusive SLT education 
  • SLT training 
  • Support workforce 
  • NQP and preceptorship 
  • SLT career development 
  • Professional stewardship 

We have a team in place who have already begun work in many of these areas with plenty of opportunity for members to get involved.  

For example, we have begun a review of our curriculum guidance and NQP goals process and invite you to share your views in our survey until 1 July 2024, and/or join one of our co-creation events about the NQP goals starting next week for students, NQPs and managers 

We are also pleased to be working with RCOT to look at how we may reimagine pathways for advancing practice, developing more opportunities in community settings and approaches that are not aligned with the typical medical model. This work is beginning with a series of collaborative online events where you can get involved and have your say. Join the initial introductory webinar on 28 June between 1-1.30pm (no need to register) or register for further webinars. 

Find out more about the work taking place in each of the projects