5 September 2022

The RCSLT welcomes the proposal to enable SLTs to undertake mental capacity assessments.

The RCSLT has submitted a formal response to the UK government’s consultation on changes to the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) Code of Practice and implementation of the Liberty Protection Standards (LPS).

In our response, we highlighted:

  • How pleased we were at the government’s proposal to add speech and language therapists to the list of professionals who can train to be approved mental capacity professionals.
  • How other changes the government proposes to make can be strengthened even further in the interests of people who communicate differently or with difficulty.
  • Concerns we have about some of the proposed changes and how we think they can be addressed.
  • Our willingness to work with the government on the implementation of the changes once the consultation outcome is known.

The RCSLT has long campaigned for speech and language therapists to be allowed to train to undertake mental capacity assessments. We look forward to seeing the final response to the consultation.

We once again thank and salute those of our members who have supported our policy and influencing on this issue over many years. We pay particular tribute to those MPs and peers from all parties and none who have also campaigned for this change for years, including through tireless advocacy during the passage of the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act 2019. We are also grateful to government officials for engaging with us so openly and constructively on these issues.

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