21 September 2022

RCSLT sets out the key priorities and issues facing speech and language therapy in Scotland over the next 12 months.

Since being appointed in January this year, Glenn Carter, the head of the Scotland office, and his team have undergone research into key areas that will support the profession to improve the lives of people in Scotland. This research has been streamlined into five key priority areas to influence the Scotland office’s work going forward.

Watch Glenn share the priorities in our latest video and see a condensed version of these priorities in this graphic (PNG).

RCSLT priorities for Scotland:

  • Supply of speech and language therapists
  • Leadership
  • Wellbeing of members
  • National Care Service
  • Children and young people national delivery plan

These priorities aim to tackle significant challenges in Scotland, including significant speech and language therapy workforce shortages, the need for SLT leadership at all levels positions and questions surrounding the upcoming National Care Service being introduced by the Scottish government.

RCSLT Scotland will continue to update members on progress made in these key areas.

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