Launching the RCSLT Strategic Vision for the next five years

24 March 2022

The RCSLT Strategic Vision for 2022-2027 lays out the organisation’s mission, vision and aspirations for the next five years.

At the RCSLT, we’re working hard to create a society that is inclusive of all people with communication and swallowing needs. Our ambitious Strategic Vision, launched today, outlines how we hope to achieve this over the next five years: 2022-2027.

The Strategic Vision is the result of a wide-ranging consultation with members, service users and partner organisations, as well as RCSLT staff, senior management and the Board of Trustees.

Looking to the future

After two years of uncertainty and change, the RCSLT Strategic Vision provides an opportunity for the profession to look to the future and work together towards a unifying goal.

Equality, diversity and inclusion is a central theme of the vision, along with a commitment to embedding anti-racism, and an explicit recognition of the role of SLTs in tackling health inequalities.

Working together with service users – up to and including co-production wherever appropriate – is another overarching aim within the vision. In line with this, we have produced an easy read version of the strategic vision with the support of RCSLT members and a group of service users.

For the first time, environmental sustainability is also included in our strategic vision – see our RCSLT and the environment page for details of what we’re doing so far.

Our aspirations

  • Inclusive communication for all
  • A more diverse, inclusive and representative profession, with equitable access to culturally appropriate provision for service users
  • Explicit recognition of health inequalities, social disadvantage and the profession’s role in working to counter these
  • Championing the value and impact of speech and language therapy
  • Co-production with service users, their carers and families
  • Better funding and resources for the profession, with a focus on staff health and wellbeing
  • Innovation and excellence in research and clinical practice, and a stronger evidence base, including for telehealth and digital inclusion
  • Properly funded senior and specialist roles, clear career pathways, and strong multidisciplinary team working
  • Being an outstanding organisation that empowers its members to lead

Our main areas of strategic focus

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Co-production with service user partners
  • Funding and recovery following the pandemic
  • Innovation and excellence in research and clinical practice
  • Developing the speech and language therapy workforce
  • Championing the value and impact of speech and language therapy
  • Empowering members to lead the profession
  • Organisational excellence

Download the Strategic Vision

For the first time the RCSLT’s vision is available in both standard and easy read format, produced with the support of members and service users.

Easy read is a communication accessible format designed for people with a learning disability. The easy read version explains key terms and uses pictures to support the meaning of the text.

You can download the easy read version of our Strategic Vision in PDF or Word format.


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