2 July 2021

The RCSLT has today released a new statement on personal protective equipment (PPE) and reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, in light of the growing case numbers in the UK.

Update 23 December 2021: Please note, our previous guidance on PPE and reducing the risk of transmission has been replaced by a risk assessment tool and resources developed by the RCN with key partners, including the RCSLT. Find out more about this change.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the RCSLT has worked with a broad coalition of professional bodies and unions to understand the risk the virus poses to our members and patients, and to work with government to ensure appropriate PPE is provided for all health and care staff. Download the statement released today (PDF).

Overwhelming international evidence now exists on transmission routes and how these affect the safety of health and care workers at work. However, despite ongoing engagement with government and decision-makers on the issue of COVID-19-related PPE, we have been unable to reach an agreed position that recognises this evidence.

We are therefore reinforcing our advice for our members, in line with in line with page 5 of our current guidance on PPE dated January 2021, urging all members to request access to FFP3 or equivalent respiratory protective equipment when caring for a patient with confirmed or suspected COVID-19.

The following resources may be of help in influencing local decision-makers:

The AGP Alliance, as representatives of the majority of the UK’s front-line workforce, would like to extend sincere gratitude and thanks to all of our collective members for the incredible work you have done, and continue to do, in diligently supporting patients at their point of care.