Finances and Resources Committee

The Finance and Resources Committee (FRC) is established by and accountable to the RCSLT Board of Trustees (the Board) for the strategic oversight of the RCSLT’s finance and resources function. It is a governance committee and reports into the Board of Trustees in the governance structure.

The FRC oversees the strategic objectives in the RCSLT Strategic Plan in the functional areas of:

  • Finance and audit
  • Performance management
  • Contracts
  • HR
  • IT infrastructure
  • Data security and financial elements of all IT spend
  • Health and safety
  • Property management
  • Membership management
  • The RCSLT Heritage

The FRC ensures compliance with the law and relevant legislation or regulations and effectively monitors the financial and business performance of the RCSLT.

Meet the committee

Ann Whitehorn – FRC chair

Ann Whitehorn qualified as an SLT  in 1973 and after working across both adult and paediatric services, developed a  specialism in Voice/Head and Neck.  She served as Head of SLT for Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and as Director of Therapies, particularly working  in the field of Cancer and Supportive Care. Ann also co- led a successful tender for a Community Head and Neck multi-disciplinary team in partnership with Lewisham PCT in 2009, the first of its kind.  She has served two terms as Honorary Treasurer for the RCSLT, and acted as a General Trustee before her appointment as FRC chair.

Carmel Brady

Carmel Brady currently leads the Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service in Kingston-upon-Thames. She has worked in various locations across the UK as well as Ireland and New Zealand. Carmel is committed to ongoing service innovation and development to meet with changing landscapes and to providing the best possible service to those that need them. Her knowledge, skills and experience in strategic planning and managing change means she often engages in project work. This has involved setting up a community healthcare facility in SW China and facilitating transformation of a national charity. She brings her critical thinking, questioning, experience and commitment to the RCSLT and to the Finance and Resources Committee.

Sundeep Sidhu, RCSLT lay trustee (digital)

Sundeep Sidhu is a product, design, and technology generalist with 20+ years’ experience founding and leading teams to deliver new and better digital products at start-ups, agencies, consultancies, and global brands. He has founded two small businesses, a marketing platform for membership-based organisations and a development coaching and training business working with large media brands.

Describing himself as curious and always learning, he has an interest in inspiring the next generation, and in personal/professional development. He likes people and working collaboratively and is a critical thinker, so great at making sense of complex situations and navigating complexity.

Sundeep volunteers his time as a trustee at RCSLT as he wants to be actively involved in meaningful work that makes a difference, and having overcome his own fears and improved his confidence in public speaking, he understands the power of giving people a voice.

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