The RCSLT is working on post registration opportunities and evolving roles. Work is ongoing to develop the enhanced practice apprenticeship. This apprenticeship will provide learning to maximise skill, encourage retention by providing clear career pathways and meet the needs of services. The RCSLT have also joined with RCOT to reimage advancing practice for allied health professionals, aiming to develop pathways for clinicians working away from the typical medical model to enter the advancing space.

By attending this webinar, delegates will:

  • Find out about enhanced practice and why RCSLT are engaging with it
  • Learn about the new enhanced practice level 7 apprenticeship
  • Gain clarity around advancing practice, especially for non-prescribing professionals and those who do not match the typical medical model
  • Discover how preceptorships, enhanced practice and advancing practice are linked
  • Find out how this work links with initiatives from the nations
  • Be able to provide feedback and ask specific questions to the panel

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