The RCSLT Professional Development Framework is a UK wide resource that has been co-created by and for speech and language therapists. It was developed with funding support from Health Education England as part of a wider workforce reform programme.

Find out more about the framework here.

This online session explored the RCSLT Professional Development Framework and answered important questions like, ‘Why do we need the framework?’, ‘How was it developed?’, and ‘That’s all very lovely but what can it do for me?’, plus more.

Aims & Objectives:

Attendees had the opportunity to:

  • Learn how the framework was co-created
  • Find out how to use the framework
  • See how the framework fits with other frameworks
  • Hear examples of how the framework is being used
  • Explore ideas for how they can use it in their professional development and that of their teams

Download the presentation (PDF).

Download the FAQs document (PDF).

Watch the Professional Development Framework 2023 webinar: