Meeting the HCPC standards

RCSLT provides guidance to support members to meet the HCPC standards. Full guidance can be found in the delivering quality services section.

Diversity and inclusion are key themes throughout this guidance but we have pulled out the most relevant sections here.

Promote and protect the interests of service users and carers


  • Understand and manage the impact of their own beliefs, values and behaviours on their practice and interaction with others.
  • Offer equal access to service without bias or prejudice on the basis of age, gender, race, nationality, colour, faith, sexual orientation, level of ability or position in society.
  • Be aware of and sensitive to how the above factors affect individuals’ cultural and lifestyle choices, incorporating this into all aspects of service delivery where possible.
  • Seek to understand and take full account of individuals’ needs, preferences, expectations and goals when designing and or delivering a service.
  • Respect individuals’ rights, dignity, sensibilities, beliefs and identity, and the implications these may have for acting in accordance with individual best interests.

Inclusion and shared decision-making

  • Behave in non-discriminatory, non-oppressive ways and act to challenge any discriminatory behaviour encountered in the workplace.
  • Work with relevant legislation and other frameworks where individuals are not able to give consent.

Communicate with service users and carers

  • Advocate that arrangements are made to meet different service users’ and/or carers’ language and communication needs.
  • Take account of all cultural, age, gender and background factors when communicating with service users and carers.
  • Facilitate access to interpreters and/or translators, as required.
  • Provide information about speech and language therapy services and choices for service users and carers in ways they can understand and make informed choices.
  • Respect the choices and wishes of service users, being clear about where this differs from professional opinion, and record this as appropriate.
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