We have developed a collection of interactive scenarios on a wide range of topics to support you to consider how you may approach different situations in practice.

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Our professional development scenarios cover a broad range of subjects you may encounter in your professional life, including issues ranging from duty of care and safeguarding to mental capacity and supported decision making, and cover all four domains of the Professional Development Framework 

  • Professional practice   
  • Facilitation of learning   
  • Leadership and management   
  • Evidence, research, and innovation   

The scenarios are relevant to members at all stages of their careers and who are working in a variety of often complex employment situations. Each scenario provides a work-based problem for you to consider and is designed to encourage reflective practice. You can work through the scenarios on your own, with a colleague or supervisor, or in groups. For instance, you could work through a scenario in team meetings, peer supervision sessions or at a CEN meeting. Working through the scenarios counts towards your continuing professional development (CPD). Once you have completed any of the scenarios, we encourage you to update your CPD diary accordingly.  Your reflections on the scenarios are not assessed and you do not have to send your responses to the RCSLT. 

Within each scenario you will also find links to key RCSLT website content, including clinical and professional guidance, and other useful resources.  Each scenario also includes a link to a downloadable Word version of the scenario.  

The scenarios are each broken into four parts: 

  1. The scenario: for you to read 
  2. The questions to consider: for you to gather your thoughts on practice issues relating to the scenario 
  3. Next steps: for you to plan what you would need to do next 
  4. Relevant resources: links to relevant resources and webpages  

Don’t forget to update your CPD diary! 

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