About the project

RCSLT looked into understanding the role of SLTs in primary care networks, including the value and the added value of SLTs in primary care networks.

As part of a Health Education England (HEE) funded programme to support allied health professions (AHP) workforce reform priorities, the RCSLT recruited a Lead Author to evaluate two existing primary care pilot sites and write up a report. We are currently finalising the report.

Read more about the overall workforce reform programme.


The purpose of this project was to demonstrate the importance and raise awareness of having SLTs formally recognised as valuable members of the primary care multidisciplinary team and submit a bid for tender to the NHS.

Project outcomes

We engaged with two existing SLT primary care pilot sites (Frimley and Lincolnshire) to contribute to a report articulating the benefits to SLTs working in primary care, opportunities for where SLTs can add value illustrated with case studies, and the considerations required in the employment of SLTs. We received regular updates from both sites through routine catch up meetings. 

The pilot sites sent quantitative and qualitative data in February, showing the difference their role has made to the Primary Care Network (PCN), including the benefits to patients, GPs and themselves. A lead author was recruited to develop a paper for a submission to the ARRS incorporating data from the pilot sites as case studies.  

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