25 August 2020

An outline of the areas of action included in RCSLT talks with the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO).

Culture and behaviour change within local NHS organisations

  • Recruiting leaders based on values and behaviour, and tackling current poor leadership.
  • Ensuring HR processes and procedures are actively anti-racist.
  • Education and training all staff to improve knowledge, skills and behaviour; ensure staff feel empowered and accepted; and tackling micro-aggressions.

Care and delivery of appropriate services to meet needs of diverse communities

  • The role of commissioners in understanding the demographics of local populations and commissioning services to meet needs.
  • The role of service managers in reviewing and adapting models of care to be appropriate and remove barriers to access  with appropriate skills mix (including interpreters, bilingual support workers).
  • Individual responsibility in delivering appropriate care and implications for education and training.

Recruitment, career progression and retention

  • Removing barriers to access to those NHS professions that are under-represented by BAME communities.
  • Data on ethnicity in the workforce and across the career pathway.
  • Examine recruitment processes and development opportunities for career progression.

The RCSLT will be following up with NHS England to raise additional areas not covered in the meeting and how we can work together. We will also follow up through conversations with members to identify what more we can do as the RCSLT, and where we need to influence to effect real change.