10 September 2020

This page has information and guidance about EU exit plan preparations.

Members have been contacting the RCSLT with respect to Brexit and its potential implications for public sector services.

The RCSLT has attended meetings with government about the implications of Brexit for the speech and language therapy profession and the impact on our service users.

As there remains much uncertainty, we advise our members to:

  1. Check with your own organisation what contingency plans are in place for Brexit
  2. Read the latest developments and information published by government departments.

We have collated the links below which you may find useful.

UK-wide: Information published by the government

  • Get ready for Brexit: This page has information and guidance for businesses, living and working in the EU and staying in the UK if you are an EU citizen.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is leading the response to Brexit across the health and care sector. The government has published information, guidance and advice on their website.

  • Medicines and medical products: continuity of supply update: This letter was issued on 26 June 2019 and gives an update to suppliers on ensuring a continued supply of medicines and medical products if the UK leaves the EU with no deal. This includes supplies of thickener products for people with dysphagia.

England: Information published by government departments

Government departments have published information for public sector services in England.

  • NHS England: Preparing for EU Exit: This page is regularly being updated with specific information on areas including workforce and continuity of supply for those working within the NHS in England.
  • NHS England Brexit brief: This resource is designed to help you develop communications with your colleagues and service users.
  • Department for Education: Advice for schools on how to prepare for Brexit: This page has information on workplace rights, data protection, food supplies and medicines and medical products for those working in schools in England.

Wales: Information published by the Welsh Government

The Welsh Government has published information for public sector service in Wales.

Scotland: Information published by the Scottish Government

The Scottish Government has published information for public sector services in Scotland.

Northern Ireland: Information published by the Northern Ireland Civil Service

The Department of Health within the Northern Ireland Civil Service has published information for public services in Northern Ireland.

If you have any questions, please contact us.