3 April 2024

Everyone is reading the latest issue of Bulletin to find out what’s going on in the speech and language therapy profession. This spring we are looking at patient-centred care, with a special focus on the new guidance for using thickened fluids. 

How can we make sure that people we support are getting the help they need as individuals?  

With increasing workloads and complexity we need to work ever harder to ensure that service users are viewed as a whole person, and that we consider more than their healthcare needs.  

Our cover feature in the spring Bulletin is based around the new guidance on using thickened fluids in a person-centred way. When we spoke to people with swallowing problems, some of them told us they did not know they had a choice about using thickened fluids. Some said they were very glad to use thickeners and others preferred to go without, even when they understood the risk of aspiration. It is so important for all service users, their family and carers to understand their choices and be active partners in care. 

The article is packed with practical tips on person-centred care for SLTs in all settings, including ideas for communicating with other professionals in the multidisciplinary team to promote best practice. Members can also now download our new easy read information on thickened fluids for service users with learning difficulties. 

Also in the magazine you can find articles about being an SLT with a disability or neurodivergence. We look at how cognitive communication disorder (CCD) can go under the radar and how an SLT-led team was able to support someone with CCD to re-engage with his life and his community. Plus an inspiring story from a team at the Stroke Association about co-creating aphasia resources. 

Members can read all of this and more in your copy of Bulletin or access it online via the digital copy on our website.