12 November 2020

Today, 12 November 2020, sees the launch of the new Communication Access Symbol and accompanying training, designed to make life easier for the approximately 14 million people in the UK who have communication needs.

Two faces looking at one another with arrows forming a cyclical flow

The new symbol – akin to the wheelchair access symbol – was created by the RCSLT in partnership with several leading charities and organisations, all united by a common aim to increase communication accessibility across all sectors of society.

With the launch of the symbol, a package of free online training and resources is also being rolled out to enable businesses and organisations to provide a more inclusive experience and environment for all their customers. Those that take up the training will be able to display the Communication Access Symbol – demonstrating they have all their customers’ needs close at heart.

RCSLT members have been integral to the development of the Communication Access training standards and in securing early adopters of the initiative. We hope you’ll continue to encourage engagement with the initiative on a local level and support our vision of improving the lives of people with communication needs.


Inclusive communication for all


How to get involved

We’ll be bringing you news about the initiative on social media and in Bulletin – and you can share your own stories, including from any service users you know, by using the hashtag #CommunicationAccess on social media.

To find out more about the initiative and how to get involved, visit the Communication Access UK website.

Read the press release about the Communication Access UK launch.