5 October 2023

We are delighted to announce the winners of the RCSLT Awards for 2023. We will be celebrating the award winners at an event on Friday 6 October in London.  

We have two sets of awards:   

Honours which recognise leaders at all levels within and outside the profession who have made outstanding contributions for the benefit of service users and the profession itself. There are two award categories:   

       – Fellowships   

       – Honorary fellowships 

The Giving Voice Awards celebrate the impactful activities and achievements of those who have contributed to improving the lives of people with communication and/or swallowing needs.  

Fellowships 2023 

  • Camilla Dawson 
  • Dr Susan Ebbels 
  • Dr Suzanne Beeke 
  • Joan Skeffington 
  • Marie Pinkstone 
  • Professor Rebecca Palmer 
  • Professor Victoria Joffe 

Honorary Fellowships 2023 

  • Helen Bell 
  • Professor Jason Warren 
  • Susan McBride 

View previous Honours. 

 Giving Voice Award winners 2023 

  • Alexis Doyle, James Daly, and Maeve Gooding 
  • Barnsley Children’s Speech and Language Therapy 
  • Beth Scollon and Rachel Stewart (Selective Mutism team) 
  • Catherine Cawley 
  • Damian Quinn 
  • Engage with Developmental Language Disorder (E-DLD)  
  • Esyllt Glyn-Jones 
  • Julie Foster, Thomas Middlemass and Stephen Smith (Stroke Association) 
  • Kerry Davies and Samantha Berry  
  • Marc Rees 
  • Megan Tomkies 
  • Newcastle University Speech and Language Therapy Society  
  • Pam Slater 
  • RCSLT disability and neurodiversity working group 
  • Sean Allsop 
  • Sheena Flack 
  • Shelbi Annison  
  • Speak Up, Speak Out working group, Parkinson’s UK  
  • The Include Choir, The Leeds Giving Voice Choir, and The Bath Aphasia Choir 
  • The Long COVID Working Group 
  • University of Manchester SLT Society 2022-23 Committee 
  • Victoria Turley 

View the RCSLT Awards 2023 order of service.