24 April 2024

Find out how members can support the RCSLT and how the RCSLT recognises that work

The RCSLT has big ambitions and it can only achieve these with the support of its members. We would like to thank members for their ongoing significant contributions.

Our new member involvement statement sets out how members support the RCSLT and how the RCSLT recognises that work.

How to get involved

The RCSLT could not achieve its ambitious programme of work without the substantial support of its members. There are around 70 members of staff, covering approximately 22,000 members. We need the input of members to extend our reach and to bring the latest evidence, expertise, innovation and practice into our work and influencing activities.

Find out about the types of projects we run and the typical project process, including potential roles for members, on our current RCSLT projects page.

Upcoming projects

Below are a list of projects we are due to launch in the coming months where we will be asking for member involvement. Look out for how you can get involved in this work on our website and in our fortnightly e-newsletter.

  • Dysfluency
  • Brain injury
  • Cognitive communication disorders
  • Parkinson’s (with Parkinson’s UK)
  • Awake craniotomy
  • High resolution manometry
  • RCSLT guidance to meet HCPC standards, plus related professional guidance
  • Curriculum guidance
  • Student placements
  • Review of NQP competencies
  • Embedding of preceptorship standards
  • Embedding of RCSLT Professional Development Framework