29 September 2023

RCSLT are seeking views on new guidance and resources to support people with the after effects of COVID-19 including long COVID

Long COVID is the term used to describe the effects of COVID-19 lasting more than 12 weeks, not explained by another diagnosis. It is a multi-system condition with overlapping symptoms which may change over time and can affect: breathing; the heart; nerves; muscles and joints; digestion; the upper airway and energy levels; plus more.  The range of ongoing symptoms includes fatigue, breathlessness, cognitive dysfunction, dysphagia, dysphonia amongst others.

Speech and Language Therapists are experts in assessing, treating, and managing the communication changes, swallowing difficulties, upper airway dysfunction and voice change experienced by individuals post COVID-19.

Working together with members and people with lived experience we have created new guidance and resources for SLTs, healthcare professions and the public, to help share information about and better support the treatment of long COIVD.

We are seeking views on the following information:

  • Long COVID guidance – aimed at SLTs and healthcare professionals.
  • Long COVID handbook – aimed at people with long COVID to be used as a source of information and to support self-management of their treatments. Healthcare professionals will also be able to use the handbook as a resource in their clinics.

The consultation is open to all, and we are particularly keen to hear from SLTs who work with people with long COVID, as well as long COVID service users, charities and organisations who help support people with long COVID.

Research and learning about long COVID is still taking place across the UK, and the aim is to update the resources and guidance as new research comes to light.

Please provide your feedback by completing our surveys by 5 pm on Tuesday 17 October 2023. 

Complete the survey on the Long COVID Guidance

Complete the survey about the Long COVID Patient handbook

If have any queries, please contact emma.webber@rcslt.org.